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Wall Flower MOP is the new addition to the Wall Flower family. It is covered with a layer of elegant mother of pearl… in short MOP and the color is changing when you pass by the wall design. The Wall Flower MOP adds something modern to your interior decor and mother of pearl is to be one of the big trends in the coming seasons.

The Wall Flower MOP was mentioned by the Swedish trend expert Stefan Nilsson in his blog http://trendstefan.se/2019/02/03/formland-2019/

The inspiration for Wall Flower are decaying leaves in the autumn and beautiful flowers withering and turning into fine pieces of art.
The measurement is 52 cm in diameter, and it has a key hole in the back making it easy to hang. It is perfect to break up a wall of several images or hang together with another Wall Flower, but it can also hang alone.
It has 28 leaves in 3 different sizes.
The leaves are drawn by hand, then laboriously shaped in a testing material and approved by Eden Outcast. After that a tool has been made to press the leaves in order to make beautiful lines and structures appear.

Wall Flower is developed by the designer Nina Frederikke Thomasen Jensen, and it is part of a small exclusive design collection, focusing on quality, carefully thought through design and a high level of details.
Her wish is to create design that will move boundaries, design that has something to say instead of being a fleeting trend. She wants to bring attention to real Danish design and influence the abundance of quick disposable products characterizing the industry.

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