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If you have any questions, you might find an answer below. You are also welcome to contact us: or phone +45 53 88 49 49

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, you have the option to change your order. Send us an email as soon as possible with your order number, and we will do everything we can to help.

Of course, we will only deduct the payment from your payment account once we have submitted your package to GLS.

Immediately after you have placed your order, you will receive an email confirming that we have received your order. When we start packing your order, you will receive a new email with information that your package is on its way to you.

The order confirmation is an auto-generated email. Check if necessary your spam inbox, or feel free to send us an email to make sure we have received your order. Remember that there are real people ready to help you.

You can always cancel your order until we have shipped it. All you have to do is send us an email with the order number. Then we make sure to delete your order in our system.

Usually, the delivery is within 2 days. Few times it will take a little longer. Eden Outcast is a small owner-run company where we do everything we can to pack your order as quickly as possible.

Shipping costs DKK 39 in Denmark. We provide free shipping on purchases over DKK 499. Check our shipping prices and the different rates for different countries right here:

Denmark: 5€ / 39 kr.
Free shipping at: 69€ / 499 kr.
Norway: 39 € / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 199 € /1499 kr.
Sweden: 12 €  / 79 kr.
Free shipping at: 99 €  / 749??
Germany: 12 €  / 79 kr.
Free shipping at: 99 € / 749 kr.
United Kingdom: 39 EUR / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 199€  / 1499 kr.
Belgium: 20€ / 149 kr.
Free shipping at: 150€ / 999 kr.
Finland: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
France: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
Faroe Islands: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
Netherlands: 10€ / 79 kr.
Free shipping at: 100 € / 749 kr.
Ireland: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
Iceland: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
United Kingdom: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
Norway: 40€ / 299 kr.
Free shipping at: 200 € / 1499 kr.
Austria: 19 € / 139  kr.
Free shipping at: 150 € / 999 kr.

We cooperate with GLS and thus send your package to the parcel shop you want when you place your order.

We very much regret that. Send us an email immediately, and we will send the right item to you, and at the same time enclose a return slip for the wrong item.

Yes, you are very welcome to ask us to send the package on a specific date. Just enter the date in the comments field when ordering.

You of course have a 14-day return policy. If you regret it, please send us an email with your order number. Then you must return the item in the same condition, as well as in original packaging. Read more in our terms and conditions which you will find right here.

First, we would like to apologize many times. We do our best to deliver a unique Danish design of the best quality. In production, there are unfortunately some products that do not live up to our standard. You must, of course, receive your goods in perfect condition. Send us an email with the order number and we will exchange your item for a new one.

Of course, you are not liable for that. Send photos of the damage by e-mail, as well as the order number. Then we will send you a new one. Also, remember to take pictures of the packaging.

This can be done. This requires that we have not shipped your order yet. Simply send us an email with the order number as soon as possible and we will cancel your order.

You can read a thorough description of each design on the website. You are also very welcome to call us or send an email.

This is not possible. But you are very welcome to contact us. Eden Outcast is a small company. We work against overproduction and we try to minimize our inventory. That is why we sometimes experience sold-out designs, especially when a design suddenly becomes extra popular. You can always pre-order a design, so you are sure to be among the first to receive the product when it is in stock again.

We use K9 crystal, which is a pure crystal glass type. Our coloured crystal is through-coloured. It ensures a high quality in our products, which is important to us. This type of crystal is available in a multitude of colours, primarily pure and saturated tones. An alternative to a through-coloured crystal is a colour-coated crystal. Here you can get all the tones you can imagine, on the other hand, it is clear crystal glass that has been given a colour coating. The coloured surface is not durable, and that is exactly why we have chosen that our crystals are made in through-coloured crystal glass.

Iridescent surfaces are a coating that is laid on top of the through-coloured crystal. The iridescent effect enhances the reflective properties of the crystal and the colours of the surroundings. An iridescent surface is a coating that lies on top of the crystal glass material. You should therefore handle the crystal concerning the delicate surface.

Many of our designs are handmade. Therefore, uneven surfaces, glazing that run, colour differences, facets that are uneven and other matters, is seen as part of the charm, by choosing genuine designs.

If you want to read more about the exciting process of developing a design from start to finish, read more here. At Eden Outcast, we work against overproduction. We are a maximalist design brand that develops what we feel for. Our designs take a long time to develop and we give the design the time it deserves. This is what we call slow design.

If you did not receive an answer to your question, please feel free to contact or tel. 53884949


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