Twirl Vase Large Pink


Twirl Vase is Eden Outcast's series of glass vases. The name ‘Twirl’ means that something revolves around itself several times. This is reflected in the vases' 'whirlwind' of colours and stripes that wind around the vase. All the vases in the Twirl series are handmade and produced by glass blowing technology. They are mouth-blown into a specially made mould, and all vases will therefore be unique in their colours and patterns in the form of stripes. Twirl Vase is available in 3 different variants: the original Twirl Vase, Twirl Vase Mini and Twirl Vase Tall. All 3 variants of vases in the series have organic silhouettes that give a soothing atmosphere, as well as a contrast of lively stripes that make the vase incredibly breathtaking. There is a Twirl Vase for every taste, whether you are into warm romantic colours, natural green and sand-coloured shades, or cool and refreshing tones in mint and purple. With their exciting colours and patterns, the twirl vases are all able to stand on their own as a piece of art but are also obvious to style with beautiful bouquets, branches and small potted plants.

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