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About Eden Outcast

Eden Outcast is an upcoming Danish interior brand, which focuses on developing true design.

Each year we only develop a selected handful of products, as opposed to the industry that is filled with mass production, copy mindset, “pick and choose” from suppliers, and a way too fast pace in general.

Our products are intended a long life span, to stand alone and be recognizable. They each have their own story to tell. Out style is filled with details, a focus on surfaces, quality, and unique shapes. We get a lot of inspiration from nature.

The company is driven by Nina Frederikke Thomasen Jensen and her husband Lars Jensen. We both have a lot of experience from the apparel industry, Nina as a designer and Lars as a sales/brand manager.

We run the company at a less hectic pace in order to make things develop more naturally. It is a part of our strategy that both design and operations should be based on the same values: to keep the focus on true design. Eden Outcast is driven by a love for the design process and the idea to create slow design. We don’t believe design can be forced.

The name Eden Outcast tells a story of opposites: about the seasons changing, about the unique and unusual. We want to focus on the odd and peculiar and stay true to ourselves without looking to trends or norms. This might be bold, but it is our dream none the less.

Welcome to our universe.



Nina Frederikke

From the designer and founder herself

“In a time where we are overloaded with mass-produced design with no heart, I wish to create design that makes you stop and wonder. Whether you like it or not, is not the point. My wish is for you to take action and decide. Not to buy just another neutral vase, that will be placed beside all the others. I want to create long lasting design, that you will cherish for years. Design that matters.”

Nina Frederikke Thomasen Jensen Designer and founder