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Wall Jewelry

699 DKK

A decadent interpretation of the popular macramé tendency. Macramé are beautiful wall rugs and flower pots knitted with (often) white strings. This design is based on those lines and the overall expression that a macramé wall rug has, but the fine metal strings gives Wall Jewelry a more light and elegant expression. 6 golden tassels as well as faceted glass pearls and wooden beads are hanging from it.

It measures 60 cm. at its widest, 41 cm. from the rod and down, and the full height is 70 cm.

Wall Jewelry is beautiful when combined with other wall decorations such as illustrations. It can easily stand alone as well, because of its maximalistic expression, or maybe put it in a window, where the sun light will sparkle through the beautifully faceted glass pearls.

Wall Jewelry is designed by the Danish designer Nina Frederikker Thomasen Jensen. Her wish is to challenge the industry, by creating innovative design, that will move boundaries, and not just take up space.



This product is being relaunched, and as such there is a wait for this product as it first needs to be produced. But as all good things, it is worth the wait. Expected delivery is January, but you can pre order it today, to ensure that you will be one of the first to get your hands on this new design item.


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