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Wall Flower Iridescent S

999 DKK

We have expanded the Wall Flower family with this gorgeous item. Wall Flower Small Iridescent is made out of steel with an iridescent surface, making it appear in lovely nuances of green, turquoise, and purple. Wall Flower Small Iridescent takes its inspiration from a less beautiful place: the oil spill old cars leave in puddles on the asphalt on a rainy day. “It is about seeing the beauty in everything, and these oil spills have always fascinateed me.” It is like magic, when oil hits the surface of water and the light is transformed into the most amazing colors.

The inspiration for Wall Flower itself are decaying leaves in the autumn and beautiful flowers withering and turning into fine pieces of art. The measurement is 35 cm. in diameter, and has a key hole in the back making it easy to hang. It is perfect to break up a wall of several images or hang together with a bigger Wall Flower, but it can also hang alone. It has 18 leaves in 2 different sizes. The leaves are drawn by hand, then laboriously shaped in a testing materal approved by Eden Outcast. After that a tool has been made to press the leaves in order to make beautiful lines and structures appear.

Wall Flower is developed by the designer Nina Frederikke Thomasen Jensen, and it is part of a small exclusive design collection, focusing on quality, carefully thought through design and a high level of details. Her wish is to create design that will move boundaries, design that has something to say instead of being a fleeting trend. She wants to bring attention to real Danish design and influence the abundance of quick disposable products characterizing the industry.

Wall Flower has been featured in Bo Bedre, Boligliv, the Swedish magazine Rum Hemma, in Dagbaldet Børsen and has been mentioned by several bloggers.

Wall Flower Small Iridescent was showcased at the trend zone “Life on Sundays” of Formland along with other designs from Eden Outcast. The trend zone was developed by Studie Fly+Helsted.

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